Haitzinger Caricatures

Horst Haitzinger was born in Austria in 1939. After learning the art of consumer and advertising graphics in Linz, he moved to Munich to study painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts. Since his first cartoons were published in the satirical magazine 'Simplicissmus' in 1958, Haitzinger has produced artwork for many newspapers and magazines as a freelance cartoonist. He is considered to be one of the most famous political caricaturists in Germany. To date, he lives and works in Munich where he works mainly for the tabloid daily newspaper 'tz'.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


This is the postcard that initially attracted me to Haitzinger's art. I like his sense of humour and his graphic style. I bought this one (and the next two that you will see) at the same time from the same seller on eBay and I would like to thank him for mistakenly advertising it as a Disney card, which it plainly isn't. Otherwise I would never have seen it and a new collection would never have been born. So, many thanks whoever you are.